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Real Estate Management

Valcor Real Estate Management covers the areas investment management, asset management and project management

The main task of investment management is to define and realize strategic investment goals, and to give buy & sell recommendations. Upon request, valcor takes over set-up and organization of management structures, as well as implementation of Portfolio and Asset Management. Through corporate real estate management, we also analyze the necessity of operative real estate, and their further use or utilization.

The task of asset management is the strategic and operative management of real estate portfolios and facility objects with the primary targets:

Sustainable value increase of the real estate
optimized profitability
minimized risks

Valcor takes over full project management for project developments and construction projects for you. The core competence is the management and commercial leadership of projects as well as control of the planning, technical and other duties. Our market competence warrants only the best suited planning and construction partner will be taken on board your project.

For banks and financing institutions we offer our services risk management. This covers project and portfolio evaluation, LTV and ICR tests, risk analysis, as well as active management of non performing real estate portfolios.

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Investment Management
Together with you, valcor through investment management works out the investment strategy by countries, sectors, volumes, vehicles, risks, profits, and hold periods.
In the phase of acquisition, we support you by coordinating and realizing all required due diligence audits, thus providing you with a full overview of the economic, technical and legal situation of the portfolio or individual objects.
Basic investment criteria such as quality of location, analysis of vacancies and reoccupation, rating of existing rental agreement inventory, reconstruction, and maintenance and sanitation activities are considered, as is the potential for development, extension and rededication.
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