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valcor bau+grundvermögen gmbh

Marketing, Letting, Investment

In marketing, sales and letting, valcor concentrates on facilities used for business purposes. We offer professional and full consulting and services for real estate investment (commercial and residential) and for rental of office and store buildings, retail stores, and special facilities.

Starting from the rental concept for project developments through analysis of tenant structure and rental fee levels for existing facilities up to concepts for optimization of revitalization objects, we manage real estate objects throughout their entire life-cycle.

We have many years of in-depth experience to realize the real estate acquisition and analysis based on the investment strategy of the investor, to develop the matching marketing strategy for a portfolio or for a facility, and to plan and successfully handle all necessary rental activities.

On the one hand, as the sales manager we coordinate the liaison between investor, broker and prospective tenants, and we control the marketing processes. On the other hand, we solicit rental agreements or prospective tenants with our platform E.T. MYER Gewerbeimmobilien.

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Investment / buy & sell
proofing and soliciting of purchasing contracts for commercial/industrial facilities
structuring of project development deals and sales as asset or share deal
soliciting of real estate investments and real estate joint ventures
sales of estate developer activities for housing estates
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